Children’s Television Programmes

Silvey Jex have created two massive BBC Children’s

Television hits with ‘Snailsbury Tales’ and ‘Spider

in the Bath’. Click on the screens below to view clips

of these productions and also check out the work

in pre-production and development



The Town of Snailsbury is home to a whole treasure chest of wonderful characters who get into all sorts of fun and mischief. This unique adventure series of twenty six, ten minute episodes has been a popular feature on CBBC since its TV debut. Whenever transmitted, it is regularly the leading pre-school programme achieving over 35% of the audience share.


A thirteen part series of charming unforgettable musical tales about a boy and a spider.
First aired in 1991 on CBBC it has attracted a loyal following from pre-schoolers
to students to grandparents. The series has sold hundreds of thousands of DVD’s and books.


The new Kids TV series from Wally and Hugh featuring a swarm of colourful characters. We join the young bees at Flying School and watch anxiously as Billy’s first solo flight turns into a really scary adventure. We’re part of a crowd to welcome the Queen when she flies in to open the new playgroup. You will stare bemused at the one bee in a million who is allergic to pollen. Laugh as Barneybee, showing of his stunt flying, snags his stripy jumper on a holly bush………’s going to be his undoing. And then there’s the occasion when Barneybee bees-waxed the floor which meant that things turned rather slippery when the Bees returned from pollen collecting.

Click on the screen below to see the opening title Animatic

It’s a new series waiting to take off

In Development

The following projects are currently at various stages of development preparing
to move into pre-production marketing.

Most people have a pet dog or cat. Some people have a pet rabbit, a guinea pig, a tortoise, a goldfish or a budgie, Grandma Dimple has a pet teapot. His name is Terence…….and he goes everywhere with her. He goes shopping, he goes on holiday, He helps around the house, he helps in the garden. He loves kids and they love him. Terence is one of the Family.


The McClouds are a family of………well……Clouds. There’s Mummy and Daddy Cumulus and their son Cloudlet. Auntie Woolpack, Uncle Nimbus, their daughter Fluff and her brother Scud. This close knit group are just one of the families of clouds that inhabit the skies above us. We follow the McClouds family in all their adventures from mountain tops to deep valleys, from the tiny villages to big cities…….over oceans, deserts, icebergs…..wherever.



It was a Sunday night in mid winter. The snow had stopped falling, but It was frosty and the whole countryside was white, crunchy underfoot and glinting in the moonlight. The man drained his whiskey and knocked out his pipe on the coal scuttle. “I say Scuttle, nip out and get some more logs and a bit more coal, there’s a good lad”. “Why is it always me? its cold out there”, grumbled Scuttle.

The adventures of Scuttle will warm your heart.

Set in a quaint, charming, Englishy part of the country. Everything is not as it seems though. There are touches of surreal about Hiccupitty Heath.For instance, half past October – A quarter to November is about time to hibernate. One day your pond is there – next morning it’s gone and it’s down to you to get a new one. There are dishonest characters out there who think nothing of stealing ponds, lakes and rivers. So you see Hiccupitty Heath may be a gentle, folksy little place, but it’s just a little….um odd.
In the middle of a sleepy little town is the SleepyTown Library. The books on it’s dusty shelves seem to spend most of the day At night when the Library is closed, it’s a different matter. The books become very animated….babbling away like nobody’s business with an awful lot to say for themselves on just about every subject under the sun. Babbling Books will capture your imagination too. Remember, nearly all of the Worlds well known and best loved characters started life in books …..and that speaks volumes.
If you’re good I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a long ago time lived a King. He was a very nice King and he rules over a very nice Kingdom. Well….nice except for the dragons, witches, giants and goblins. And er…..the demons, imps, ogres and trolls. Oh and the odd wizard ….or two. Well……. It was a fairytale kingdom, and the king did have lots of counsellors to advise him….and quite frankly, although the king had a will of his own and usually got his own way.
He needed all the advice he could get……because King Tot you see,
was only 2 years old.
Nomad 111 is a giant spaceship that roams the Universe like a travelling laboratory, collecting information, conducting research on its findings and relaying it back to Earth. It is an unmanned spaceship. Everything is done by robots, computers and three probes. The smallest is Probo.
Probo had been sent to an alien planet to collect information. He liked the Alien life and they liked him. He had such a good time that he forgot to return to his Mother ship. When he did it had gone. He was marooned in space and no Mothership to look after him. In twenty six ten minute episodes we tell the Story of Probo’s adventures and his search for the Mothership6.

Welcome to the world of the Cuddlebunnies where everybody lives happily ever after (eventually) The Cuddlebunnies have got it sorted. A gang of cuddlesome lop eared bunnies living under the Cuddlebunny Tree, have the answer to any problem – the cure for any trouble. Because if there’s one thing a Cuddlebunny hates it’s a Misery-guts. Cuddlebunnies are on 24 hour alert for an outbreak – anywhere – anytime. They have the most effective weapon ever devised to combat grumpiness – answers a cuddle.

The Cuddlebunnies Ready to save the world.


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